Solid Waste & Recycling

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Convenience Centers

Goochland County maintains and operates the convenience centers. The centers are available, free of charge, for use by County residents who have proof of residency for disposal of household trash and recyclable items.

Curbside Recycling

Goochland County works with subdivisions and other individual areas in eastern and central portions of the County to provide curbside recycling.

Drop-Off Recycling

Goochland County offers drop-off recycling at its two convenience center locations. The recycling containers include informational decals that make recycling easier for citizens. Decals show which materials are accepted in the recycling program and instruct citizens on placement of the materials into the appropriate openings in the bins. 

Goochland Anti-Litter and Recycling Council

Get information regarding the Goochland Anti-Litter and Recycling Council (GARC) recycling projects.

Landfill Gas Monitoring Quarterly Reports

Access gas monitoring reports related to Goochland County.

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