What is the Tuckahoe Creek Service District (TCSD)?
The TCSD is a water and sewer service district that was created in 2002 to provide water and sewer services to certain areas in the district and to provide a mechanism for payment. The TCSD is generally bounded on the east by the Henrico County line, on the north by the Hanover County line, on the west by portions of Route 623 (Hockett Road), portions of Route 676 (Hermitage Road), and portions of Route 622 (Rockville Road) and on the south by State Route 6 (Patterson Avenue). The district facilities and district services are intended to primarily benefit the landowners within the district, and as an ancillary matter, all the citizens of Goochland County. They are intended to spur business, commercial and industrial growth, and economic development within the district, increase property values for the district landowners, and protect the health and safety of the residents in the district. See links below for a map of the parcels in the TCSD and the West Creek Business Park. Please note that the West Creek Business Park is generally located within the TCSD, but the TCSD boundary is much larger and encompasses other commercial business areas as well as residential neighborhoods.TCSD map

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1. What is the Tuckahoe Creek Service District (TCSD)?
2. My real estate tax bill has an additional Ad Valorem tax on my property. What is an Ad Valorem tax?
3. What is the Ad Valorem tax rate?
4. Will the Ad Valorem rate ever change?
5. How long will properties in the TCSD be required to pay the Ad Valorem tax?
6. How much Ad Valorem tax has the County collected over the past 6 years? How much of the 55% revenue sharing taxes has the County transferred to the TCSD over the past 6 years?
7. What additional revenue is contributed to meeting the TCSD Debt obligations?
8. What is the total assessed value of property in the TCSD?
9. Why/how did my property get in the TCSD?
10. How much money did the County borrow to create the TCSD?
11. What is the remaining debt service by year on the bond until it is paid off?
12. I heard the County got the VRA bonds restructured? What does that mean?
13. I would like to be able to connect to the TCSD water and sewer. What do I need to do to join the district?
14. I am not connected to water and/or sewer, why do I have to pay the Ad Valorem tax?
15. Is there a way to exit the TCSD?
16. Is there a TCSD reserve? How much is currently in the reserve?