What is the Ad Valorem tax rate?
The current ad valorem rate has been $0.32 per $100 value since 2012. This tax is in addition to real estate tax. The real estate tax rate is currently set at $0.53 per $100 value (2017).

Example: If a parcel of land is assessed at $100,000*.
The real estate tax would be calculated $100,000/$100 = $1,000 x $0.53 = $530
The ad valorem tax would be calculated $100,000/$100 = $1,000 x $0.32 = $320
Total real estate and ad valorem tax = $850

*Properties within the TCSD that participate in the special assessment for land preservation program (Land Use Program) shall be taxed at the full assessed value.

Below is a graph that compares Goochland’s ‘Ad Valorem Tax’ residents to other neighboring localities.
Combined Tax Rates for those in TCSD

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