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All Goochland residents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the 2021 Redistricting process by attending community meetings, submitting comments through the process below, or attending public hearings.  Goochland County will accept comments from Goochland residents through February 1, 2022 via: 

Public Comment Guidelines

Comments will only be accepted if the commenter’s first and last name and residential Goochland address are provided.

All comments will be posted to the website and information identifying the commenter’s name and address will be included.

Any other identifying information about the commenter in an email or mail (email address, phone number, business affiliation) will be redacted before the comment is posted.

We are sure Goochland residents will be polite and respectful in their comments, but we reserve the right to redact or remove comments that contain profanity or are off topic.

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Public Comments

Below are the public comments that have been received, organized by submission via the online portal, email, and by mail.