Goochland County Village Plans 2022

Plan Goochland

Goochland County is finishing two small area plans, one for the Centerville Village and one for the Courthouse Village. 

The final draft plan comes out of a months-long process that kicked-off in February 2022 to create small area plans for each of the County’s major villages. The planning process for both villages aim to ensure that Goochland County elected officials’ decisions relate to and are made in accordance with the desires of the community. The village plans will provide guidance for land use, economic and physical growth, recreation, public facilities, and community development.  Once complete, these plans will be adopted and incorporated into the County’s Comprehensive plan.

Previously, during the summer, community meetings were held in both Villages.  

The presentations for these meetings were recorded and can be viewed at the page titled:

 Previous Community Meeting Videos.


Village Plans Presentation - Planning Commission & Board of Supervisors Meeting - January 11, 2023

Village Plan 2022 Comments (YTD) from Initial Kick-Off to Midway Plan Community Meeting

The Breakout Poster Boards from the Community meetings can be seen on the individual Village Plan pages (Courthouse Village Plan & Centerville Village Plan)

Goochland County 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Bike/Walking Path and Transportation Plan

Zoning Code of Ordinances Goochland County

Goochland County Strategic Plan for 2014 - 2018


Arterial Management and Interstate Access Plan for Us Rte 250 and Rte 623

Public Engagement 

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 For questions about the upcoming November 29th community meeting on the Courthouse Village -

For questions about the upcoming November 28th community meeting on the Centerville Village - 

Send questions or comments about the Goochland Multimodal Plan to Tom Coleman


Meet the Consultants

David Hill, President, Landscape Architect

Ross Hammes, Community Planner, Geospatial and Environmental Analyst

Peter Giraudeau, Visualization Specialist, Planner

Hill Studio Website

Aaron Arnett, AICP, Partner

Shawn Terpack, Art Director

Arnett Muldrow Planning Firm Website