Southeastern Infrastructure Study

Southeastern Infrastructure Study (Formerly SPEDA)


During review and consideration of the County-wide 2040 Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) (approved in 2018), concerns were raised about future roadways identified in the previous MTP (2005) and providing future interconnectivity between roadways such as Route 288, Patterson Avenue, Hockett Road, Broad Branch Drive, and River Road.

Also, future land use development envisioned by a number of property owners within the study area was not consistent with the County ‘s comprehensive plan (adopted in 2015).

The County decided that addressing these multifaceted and important topics was beyond the scope of the County-wide MTP update effort, and the study area (formerly known as the SPEDA area) was designated in the 2018 MTP for future study.


The goal of the Southeastern Infrastructure Study is to provide an empirical, data driven foundation to guide future decision-making relating to the County’s:

  • Infrastructure priorities
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Zoning and land use analysis/evaluation

Scope of Analysis

This infrastructure study will:

1)  Analyze existing infrastructure capacities:

  • Roadways
  • Public Water/Public Sewer
  • Public Schools
  • Fire-Rescue

2)  Analyze a limited number of planned capital improvements; and

3) Create high level build-out development scenarios and calculate their infrastructure impacts to the selected infrastructure.

The study will support future planning efforts by:

  • Analyzing existing conditions of the infrastructure:
    1. What infrastructure improvements are needed today?
  • Analyzing future conditions with Comprehensive Plan recommended growth:
    1. What infrastructure improvements are needed to support the planned growth?
  • Analyzing infrastructure needs (and compare) for:
    1. An economic development center future for the area,
    2. A mixed-use development future for the area.
  • Establishing performance metrics (grades) for the infrastructure:
    1. Prioritize maintaining existing service levels.
  • Providing the Board of Supervisors detailed information about infrastructure to guide future planning decisions in the area
  • Providing planning level costs estimates for all identified improvements

Study Area

The SIS area is generally bounded by (see map):

  • North   – Tuckahoe Creek Parkway
  • South   – James River
  • East     – Goochland County Line
  • West    – Hockett Road

Goochland 2040 Major Thoroughfare Plan

2040 Major Thoroughfare Plan

Guiding Directives for the Study

  • Is not a land use plan or small area plan
  • Will not promote higher density than called for in Comprehensive Plan
  • Will not recommend changing the zoning of parcels
  • Will support the County in goals related to:
    1. Target appropriate development within Designated Growth Areas
    2. Preserve Rural Enhancement Areas recognized in the Comprehensive Plan


A comprehensive review of the study process and analysis will be available to:

  • Steering Committee (BoS members, PC members, County Administration)
  • Technical Committee (County staff/Consultants)
  • Key Stakeholders (Landowners within the study area)
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • All Goochland Citizens

Next Steps

  • Additional information will be provided as the study progresses

Contact Us

  1. Tom Coleman

    Principal Planner
    Phone:  804-556-5865

    Benjamin Ellis

    Planner I
    Phone:  804-556-5840