Clean Goochland Council (CGC)

The Clean Goochland Council (CGC) is a citizen-lead group focused on the prevention and removal of trash from County roadsides. The CGC partners with Goochland General Services in supporting community trash pick up events, as well as other initiatives to reduce roadside trash. CGC also works with the Keep Virginia Beautiful organization’s Adopt A Highway and litter prevention educational programs. Please email us at
for opportunities to become involved in keeping Goochland clean.

If you would like to become a member, volunteer at one of below clean ups or recycling events, or just want to share an idea concerning litter or recycling, please contact Dwayne Jones at 657-2025 or email 

Special Recycling Events

Various recycling events are held each year, such as:
  • Tire Amnesty Day  
  • Community Shred Events
  • E-cycling

These events are typically held on a Saturday.  Notice of such events will be in the Goochland Gazette and on the Community Calendar.  Criteria for these events often includes the following:10 tire limit per person and participants must show proof of Goochland County residency.  Tires larger than those on an average sized pick-up truck will not be accepted.  There is a limit of 10 bankers boxes per person for document shredding.  Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed. 

Roadside Litter Pick Up

Many roadways in Goochland are in need of cleanup. The best and safest way to get involved is to adopt the roadway that affects your property. Volunteers agree to pick up litter 4 times a year for 2 years.

In return, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) provides trash bags, vests, important safety information, and highway signs that recognize your group. To get involved, call the  VDOT Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator at 804-752-5511 to find out what roads are available for adoption.

If you are not interested in committing to the VDOT program, but would still like to engage in litter pickups at the local level, please call Dwayne Jones at 804-657-2025 to obtain litter bags, grabbers, and vests.

Event Recycling

The Clean Goochland Council loans out temporary recycling bins to be used for local special events, festivals, or any large events that may generate a lot of recyclables.

These bins will be available to the community organizations free of charge. Event coordinators will be responsible for changing out the bags when full and taking the recyclables to a local convenience center.


Similar to Adopt-a-Highway, CGC is looking for community volunteer groups or businesses that would like to adopt a public spot.

Each group will be responsible for cleaning up your adopted spot 4 times a year and submitting a brief report about the clean up.

In return, your group’s name will be put on a sign displayed prominently at the park. In concert with this project, CGC is also developing a new logo to be used on the sign!

James River Regional Clean Up

The James River Regional Clean Up is held annually on the second Saturday of September.  There are many volunteer opportunities for different ages and abilities- from paddling the river to roadway cleanups to assisting participants with registration. Pre-register for the clean up at
This is a great volunteer activity for families, civic organizations, businesses, youth groups, or anyone who is interested in cleaning up Goochland’s riverfront and roadways. 
The Clean Goochland Council (CGC) provides volunteer staff for this event at Tucker Park, located on Route 522. If you know of any specific river segments or streams in Goochland that are in need of litter clean up, please contact Dwayne Jones.

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