Animal Protection

The Department of Animal Protection is comprised of two branches, enforcement and sheltering. Animal Protection Officers enforce all State and County animal welfare ordinances. Officers provide for the safety and welfare of residents as it pertains to the control of domestic animals. The department also operates a shelter to care for stray animals and attempt to reunite them with an owner. Shelter staff find homes for all adoptable animals through citizen adoptions along with coordinating transfers to animal rescue organizations.

Goochland County Announces Contract to Complete Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

Goochland, VA - Goochland County is excited to announce that an agreement has been reached with Hourigan to complete construction on the new Goochland County Animal Protection and Adoption Center. On Monday, October 21st a notice to proceed with construction was issued by the County for the project. Hourigan had been serving as the interim contractor since July 2019.

The construction of this new state of the art facility, built with county funds and contributions raised from our community, had been previously delayed due to the termination of the project’s original general contractor. It is estimated that construction on the project will wrap up in late winter or early spring 2020.

It is the County’s obligation and commitment to build a shelter that is well constructed and that will serve the community for many years to come. We remain grateful for the gracious and ongoing support and our partnership with Goochland Pet Lovers. We share a joint commitment to creating a shelter and caring environment our residents and pets deserve.

"Hourigan, who recently completed the Goochland Cares building and continues to work on the Sheltering Arms Rehab Institute in eastern Goochland, has been extremely patient while we have worked through this complex situation, said John A. Budesky, County Administrator. Their commitment to the County and working with us to complete this project has been exemplary."

Shelter operations will continue at the Central High Complex location (2748 Dogtown Road) until the new shelter is completed. We have many great pets up for adoption at our interim shelter and invite the entire community to come visit, adopt, and join us all in becoming Pet Lovers!

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