Police K-9

Sergeant Greg A. Bock was hired by the Goochland County Sheriff's Office on January 31, 2006 as a Patrol Deputy Sheriff and on September 30, 2013 was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. 

Prior to joining the Goochland County Sheriff's Office, Sergeant Bock was a K-9 handler in the United States Army where he enlisted after high school in September 1995. He worked as a Working Dog Handler where he handled and trained dual purpose working dogs, including narcotic/patrol and explosive/patrol; ending his tour of duty with the rank of Sergeant in December 2000.



After finishing his tour of duty with the Army, Sergeant Bock worked for a private contracting company training "green dogs" odor recognition of narcotics and explosives as well as controlled aggression behaviors and standards. Sergeant Bock obtained his first canine partner with Goochland County named "Black" on August 13, 2007; a sable German Shepherd trained in narcotic detection, patrol, and trailing. Black was purchased from Slovakia and pre-trained by a private company before Sergeant Bock was assigned to him. Black retired on May 5th, 2015 and Goochland Sheriff’s Office continued the K9 program allowing Sergeant Bock to adopt Black in his retirement and become the handler to a new dog named “Chase”. Sergeant Bock obtained Chase, a traditionally marked Belgian Malinois, who is also dual trained in narcotics detection and patrol. Both Black and Chase have a passive response to any illegal narcotics found, meaning once he detects the odor of the illegal narcotic, he responds by going into a "sit". As a team, Sergeant Bock and Chase's training consist of multiple scenarios ranging from foot pursuit, building searches, building extractions, vehicle extractions, drug detection, and tactical support to the Goochland County Sheriff's Office Rescue Team. K-9 Black, K-9 training, equipment, and support resources were paid for by monies seized from drug asset forfeiture proceedings that occurred in Goochland County. K-9 Chase was purchased through the department after extraordinary displays of utilization proved the importance and productivity that a K-9 can provide to the department and to the citizens of the county.