Radar Trailer

The Sheriff's Office receives a lot of phone calls from concerned citizens with speeding complaints on many roads in the county.

When we receive these calls, we try to place the radar trailer somewhere in the trouble area in attempt to slow traffic down. 
The unit is capable of logging down the speeds of vehicles as they pass by it, allowing us to generate a report so we can look at the actual numbers in order to make a determination of how bad the speeding problem actually is.
The unit is also designed to visually give a warning to motorists if their speed exceeds that of the posted speed limit. If you would like us to consider placing the radar trailer on a road near you, please contact us at 804-556-5349.
Radar trailer
Goochland County's own unmanned radar enforcement unit, the radar trailer is a vital part to traffic enforcement in Goochland County. Goochland is approximately 284 square miles which makes it almost impossible for Deputy Sheriff's to run radar on every road where speeding is a problem. The radar trailer is designed to display the posted speed limit and then alert motorists of how fast they are actually traveling.