Commonwealth's Attorney


The Commonwealth’s Attorney also coordinates the extradition of criminals who have fled the state, prosecutes asset forfeitures, and tries individuals for failure to pay child support and failure to obey other court orders.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney seeks justice. The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office oversees the Victim/Witness Unit, which counsels crime victims regarding their legal rights and offers advice about rehabilitative services and other community resources available for victims’ protection.The Victim/Witness Unit also notifies victims and witnesses of court appearances and pretrial interviews.

Beyond the preparation and trial of criminal cases, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office advises law enforcement agencies, consults with and advises the other agencies regarding policies and procedures, answers citizen inquiries concerning the criminal justice system, and provides assistance for on-going criminal investigations of the Goochland County Sheriff  and Virginia State Police.

The majority of the cases the Commonwealth’s Attorney handles are brought by law enforcement officers, although this office also prosecutes cases initiated by a citizen’s complaint