Parks & Recreation


1800 Sandy Hook Road
Goochland , VA 23063

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Parks & Recreation 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cocke, Tom Director of Parks and Recreation 804-556-5854  
Miller, Angelia Assistant Director of Recreation 804-556-5854  
Ferguson, Alyssa Recreation Coordinator 804-556-5854  
Page, Bob Recreation Supervisor 804-556-5854  
Willis, Kyle Recreation Coordinator 804-556-5854  
Lacy, Carl Assistant Director of Grounds 804-556-5854  
Daniels, Annette Recreation Supervisor 804-556-5854  

Virginia Cooperative Extension 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Fisher, Jason District Forestry and Natural Resources 434-476-2147  
Shuman, Nicole Extension Agent Agriculture & Natural Resources 804-556-5872  
Whitehead, Bob Environmental Horticulture Associate 804-556-5841