How do I purchase a bin?

You can either purchase a green CVWMA recycling bin or use one of your own bins.  If you choose to use one of your own bins, make sure they are less than 40 gallons and there is no lid.  We have large recycling stickers that are available free of charge.  

If you choose to purchase a green CVMWA recycling bin, you can order one through CVWMA (click here). The size available for purchase is a large 96-gallon cart with wheels.  Please note that it may take a couple weeks to receive your new bin.

If you are moving into a new home in an existing subdivision that participates in the curbside program, you will need to do the following:

  • Call Wendy Grady at 556-5340 or email to add your new address to the system
  • Once your address is added, you will be able to purchase a new bin from the CVWMA website as noted above and start recycling

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1. How do I purchase a bin?
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