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Budget Contribution Request

  1. Instructions for Outside Agency Funding Request

    The instructions detailed are for any outside agency that is requesting funding assistance from Goochland County. These instructions must be complied with in order for the funding request to be considered by the Goochland County Board of Supervisors in the upcoming fiscal year budget.  As part of the Application for Funds, Organizations are required to upload their latest audit or a copy of their latest financials. Upon completing the Application for Funds, you will be required to sign a statement certifying to the accuracy of the information submitted and agreeing to allow Goochland County Officials to review your books and records upon request, if they should so request. Goochland County shall publish its intent to provide funding to your organizations in the local newspaper. The records that your organization submits to Goochland County regarding your finding request will be open for public inspection.

  2. Application for Funds
  3. Type of Organization
  4. If you have trouble uploading the latest audit or financials, then please email a copy to

  5. Certifying Statement
    I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief that the information with this request is accurate. The Organization also agrees to allow Goochland County to review the books and records of this agency should they so desire.
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