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CSA: FAPT Satisfaction Survey


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      Please read the following questions carefully. In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of CSA services, we ask that you take the time to complete the following by circling the number that best answers each:
    2. Do you feel that the FAPT services provided, assisted your family in reaching or accomplishing goals you had set?
    3. Were the services provided successful in assisting members of your family in identifying, understanding, and using other community agencies/systems/resources according to the needs of your family?
    4. Did the service providers listen to the concerns and needs of your family and develop a plan with you to help resolve/meet those needs?
    5. Were the service providers successful in speaking for and representing the needs/concerns of your child(ren) and family to other professionals, community service teams, or agencies working with your family and making efforts to secure services to meet those needs?
    6. Has your child been able to remain in your home since the ending of CSA funded services?