Goochland County Broadband Internet

Goochland County believes broadband internet access is essential for our community to support business, education endeavors, public safety, and everyday life. Therefore, we support the implementation of diverse Broadband/Internet strategies to provide all interested Goochland citizens access and options for service provision consistent with goals set by the Governor’s Chief Broadband Advisor.

This page and the pages associated with it serve as a broadband internet resource for Goochland County citizens. Information contained on these pages include updates on broadband expansion progress in the county, links to broadband maps and resources, a list of providers currently offering service or planning to offer service in the county, information on ways to report issues to broadband and cellular providers, an interactive form to report broadband and cellular needs/issues, and a list of frequently asked questions about broadband.

Goochland County understands that significant portions of the county are currently unserved or underserved by both broadband and cellular providers and in addition encounter problems they are unable to resolve through normal processes. Citizens can use this form to share their broadband and cellular needs and issues with Goochland County staff.

Broadband & Cellular Needs and Issues Form

Please check this page often for new information, updates, and features that will be added in the future.

On September 9th, 2019 Goochland County announced a new exciting broadband initiative focusing on 10 Steps to Broadband Internet Initiatives (PDF)

Watch a recording of the announcement on the Meetings and Announcements page.

TestIT: How Fast Is Your Broadband

Accurate connectivity data is the foundation for investments in broadband infrastructure. Unfortunately, connectivity data provided to the Federal Communications Commission is often inaccurate and inflated - leaving many rural communities overlooked and disconnected.

Goochland County urges our citizens to take advantage of the TestIT mobile app developed by the National Association of Counties (NACo), the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP), the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and Farm Credit. The mobile app was designed to identify areas with low or no connectivity to help ensure adequate funding for broadband infrastructure is provided across the country.

TestIT is an iOS/Android mobile app that leverages a broadband sampling tool designed by Measurement Lab (MLab) to aggregate broadband speeds across the country from app users. With the press of a single button, users will be able to test their broadband speed from anywhere. Additionally, users will be able to compare their internet speeds to the national average and minimum standards established by the Federal Communications System. No personal information will be collected through this mobile app. Learn more (PDF) about this mobile app.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial: A promising roadmap forward

Goochland County residents and officials know the hurdles to achieve reliable, broadband internet. With a renewed financial commitment and set of strategies, local leaders are one step closer to supporting a connected future. Read the full editorial for more information.

Goochland’s 10 Steps to Broadband Internet Initiatives - January 7, 2020 Update

On Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 the Board of Supervisors received a presentation and update from county staff on Goochland’s 10 Steps to Broadband Internet Initiatives. This update included updates on short-term and long-term county efforts, independent efforts by broadband providers, and related broadband efforts by the federal and state government. The presentation is also available for viewing as part of the January 7th, 2020 recorded meeting.

As part of the presentation it was announced that Phase 1 of the External Hot Spots at county facilities will go live on Monday, February 3rd at the following locations:

  • All six Goochland County Fire Stations
  • The Goochland County Administration Building

Citizens will also have expanded access to "Public Wi-Fi" inside the Goochland County Administration Building beginning on February 3rd. Additional information about accessing the External Hot Spots and Public Wi-Fi will be released in the coming weeks.

Goochland County Announces Broadband Partnership with CVEC and Firefly Fiber Broadband

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, Goochland County announced a newly expanded broadband partnership with Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC) and their wholly-owned subsidiary Central Virginia Services, Inc. (CVSI) which operates Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM. Ultimately it will lead to the expansion of fiber-to-the-premise for 2,691 locations including 300 businesses in western Goochland. The partnership originally dates to 2019 and earlier when CVEC began discussing their Rural Broadband Project to expand 3,500 miles of fiber optic lines throughout their service territory. A press release on the announcement is available here.

A copy of CVEC and Firefly’s June 10th presentation is available here.

In September 2019 Goochland County, the Goochland County Economic Development Authority, CVEC, and CVSI executed an initial broadband incentive agreement to provide financial assistance, through tax rebates, to improve the availability of broadband throughout their service territory. This initial agreement began the formal partnerships to expand fiber optic broadband into CVEC’s Cartersville and Shannon Hill substation areas.

Moving forward CVEC and Firefly will be expanding on 3 different fronts in Goochland. CVEC and Firefly have been successful in pursuing a Connect America Fund (CAF) award from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as well as an award from the ReConnect program through the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help finance the fiber buildout within the CVEC electric service territory. Outside of the CVEC electric territory, Firefly will serve several hundred homes with its commitment under the CAF program. The areas covered within the CVEC territory, areas covered by the CAF commitment and the new areas covered by the ReConnect application together expand to 2,691 total locations in Goochland County that will have gigabit speed service available through Firefly. Build out of the CVEC electric territory will be complete by 2023, and the entire project area will be built out within 5 years should all funding be approved.

CVEC and Firefly announced on June 10th their current USDA RUS Broadband ReConnect 2020 grant application that was submitted in mid-April 2020. The county worked through March and April to help complete the application and successfully submit it. If successful it will expand fiber optic lines to 1,547 of the 2,691 locations in western Goochland.

Goochland County - CVEC - Firefly Fiber Broadband Partnership Announcement - IMG_3671

Ultimately 300 plus commercial businesses, home businesses, and farmers & producers will be served by fiber optic lines once CVEC and Firefly complete their existing plans for broadband expansion in Goochland.

Citizens can learn more about these efforts at and Those interested in supporting Firefly’s USDA RUS Broadband ReConnect 2020 grant application can do so by sharing the critical need for broadband in Goochland by visiting

Citizens can also use this Broadband & Cellular Needs and Issues Form to share their need for broadband and cellular needs at their location in the county.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit, electric utility serving almost 37,000 homes, farms and businesses in the rural portions of 14 Virginia counties. CVEC is proud to be a Four-Star Cooperative for Service Excellence certified by the Touchstone Energy Service Excellence Program. CVEC is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information, visit    

Headquartered in Palmyra, VA, Firefly Fiber BroadbandSM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Virginia Electric Cooperative. Firefly offers lightning fast internet via fiber to the premise that is reliable and priced fairly with no hidden equipment costs or price increases.  Firefly has no contracts, no data caps or slowdowns and offers symmetrical upload and download speeds.  Firefly Light offers 100 mbps for $49.99; Firefly Flash offers 1 gbps for $79.99; and Firefly Voice is $35.99 with a $5.00 discount when bundled with the internet.  For more information, visit

  1. Goochland VATI Project
  2. Firefly Fiber Broadband

On March 18th Governor Ralph Northam announced the award of $20.1 million in VATI broadband grants. Grants were awarded for 11 projects, connecting over 13,400 homes, businesses, and community institutions including a project in Goochland County.

Goochland County and our partner Port 80 Internet Services were awarded $567K to construct 40 miles of fiber connecting 218 serviceable units, including 10 businesses.  Our original Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) application was rescoped because of the Federal Communication Commission’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) grant awards.  The application and maps contained on VATI’s website are not the final maps or awarded service area.  In the coming weeks we will be sharing more details about this project and the awarded service area.  

Unfortunately, Goochland's other VATI grant application with Firefly Fiber Broadband for broadband in western Goochland was not successful. Firefly Fiber Broadband and Goochland County's United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ReConnect grant application for western Goochland is still under review by the USDA.  In the coming weeks Goochland will be providing an update on our broadband efforts.

Read Governor Ralph Northam’s full release at, and learn more about VATI by visiting

Goochland County and Port 80 Internet Services LLC

Goochland County and Port 80 Broadband will construct approximately 40 miles of fiber. The project will provide broadband access to 218 serviceable units, including 10 businesses in Crozier.