Broadband Internet Initiatives - Goochland Area WiFi Hotspots

Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots

The County and Goochland County Public Schools have developed external and select internal hotspot locations at county facilities and community locations county-wide to provide citizens with enhanced opportunities to access broadband internet.  This is a short-term strategy to provide access and fill a need while the county implements longer-term strategies. 

The Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots, both county and community locations, are listed below and on the following pages.  Specific parking spots have been designated for users in order to ensure access to maximum speeds from the Wi-Fi Hotspot as well for your safety and security while using it.  Each location is monitored by a security camera.  Users will need to select “Public Wi-Fi” to access the internet.

Local businesses, non-profits, and community facilities are encouraged to serve as community hotspot locations.  Interested in being added to the list of publicly accessible area Wi-Fi Hotspots please contact Paul Drumwright at (804) 556-5833 or

Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots – County & Community Locations



Goochland County Administration Building (External & Internal)

1800 Sandy Hook Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 1 – Manakin

180 River Road West

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 2 – Crozier

1529 River Road West

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 3 – Centerville

52 Broad Street Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 4 – Fife

2397 Hadensville-Fife Road

Goochlderand Fire-Rescue Station 5 – Courthouse

2710 Fairground Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 6 – Hadensville

4810 Three Chopt Road

Central High Cultural and Educational Complex (External & Internal)

2748 Dogtown Road
Goochland Branch Library (External & Internal)

3075 River Road West
Goochland Elementary School

3150 River Road West
Randolph Elementary School

1552 Sheppard Town Road
Byrd Elementary School

2704 Hadensville Fife Road
Goochland Middle School

3250 River Road West 
Goochland High School

3250 River Road West
Hidden Rock Park1920 Hidden Rock Lane

Leakes Mill Park3951 River Road West

Chief Cornerstone Baptist Church (GCPS DOGFI)4481 Three Square Road

County Line Baptist Church (GCPS DOGFI)4070 County Line Road

Second Union Baptist Church (GCPS DOGFI)2843 Hadensville Fife Road