Prevent Frozen Pipes

Step 1 - Prevent Freezing

  • Allow faucets to drip during intense, cold periods.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets. 
  • Close, seal, or block crawl space vents.
  • Keep garage door(s) closed. 
  • Insulate or wrap exposed pipes in unheated areas (basements, crawl space, attics).
  • Maintain an inside temperature that will keep interior pipes from freezing.


Step 2 - Thaw Frozen Pipes                   

  • Identify the frozen section of pipe.
  • Apply heat with a hair dryer or heating pad. 
  • Do not use an open flame or torch!
  • Once the pipe has begun to thaw, turn on a faucet and allow water to run.
  • Continue to apply heat until water is flowing freely through the faucet.


Step 3 - If Your Pipes Appear Damaged or You Cannot Locate the Frozen Pipe

  • Shutoff your Water Main Valve.
  • Contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible.