Subdivision Development Requirements

To ensure timely, consistent, and proper installation of subdivision infrastructure to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Goochland County, the following development requirements for subdivisions will be enforced.

Prior to the issuance of the 1st building permit 

  • The subdivision entrance road, for a distance of 50 feet from the existing edge of pavement, and its associated turn lanes nearest the building lot must be constructed using a minimum of base course pavement, except if the specified pavement section has only one layer of pavement and no base coat of pavement on the approved plans, then only the base gravel layer must be installed.
  • Roads to each building site shall be constructed to the applicable standards as shown on the approved Plan of Development as follows:
    • Gravel road – shall be fully constructed
    • One or two coat pavement – the base gravel layer shall be constructed
  • Street signs and other required road signage shall be installed (temporary signage allowed)

Prior to the issuance of permits for more than 50% of the lots within a section

  • All other required improvements – includes but not limited to entrances, turn lanes, roads, curb and gutter, fire protection improvements, and permanent street signage.

Prior to the issuance of the 50th building permit within a section OR if phased development, prior to the issuance of permits for more than 49 lots, which utilize a single point of access to the existing state road system

  • The second entrance and other associated road improvements shall be fully installed including turn lanes

Prior to the issuance of each Certificate of Occupancy

  • Apply the base or final coat of pavement on the entrances, turn lane, applicable road segments from the nearest subdivision entrance to the farthest property line of the building site requesting the CO
  • Install all required fire protection improvements for the section, including but not limited to:
    • Water tanks
    • Hydrants
    • Emergency vehicle turnarounds
    • Emergency access roads

The process and conditions for granting Temporary Administrative Relief from certain provisions of these regulations may be found in Sec. 15-322.D of the Zoning Ordinance