Finance & Audit Committee



The Finance & Audit Committee's purpose is to assist the Board of Supervisors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for financial reporting, internal control systems, and audit processes.  Membership includes three Board members, the County Administrator, and the Director of Financial Services.  The Committee meets quarterly, or as needed.  The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Consider the independent auditor's proposed audit scope and approach, and provide input on areas for special attention.
  • Review annual financial statements and the results of the independent audit.
  • Review the independent auditor's findings and recommendations, together with management's responses, regarding internal controls.
  • Recommend appointment, reappointment, or dismissal of independent auditors to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Request regular/periodic financial reports on potential areas of concern, as needed.
  • Monitor any areas of concern regarding internal controls over financial reporting, as needed.


Jonathan Christy, District 1 Supervisor

Tom Winfree, District 3 Supervisor

Charlie Vaughters, District 4 Supervisor

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